RoboScreen™Full Automation for Allergy Analysis

The RoboScreen is available from MEDIWISS, and can process up to 36 samples per run, from sample processing to image analysis.

The instrument has an integrated barcode reader for sample ID, and can add the samples to the allergy membranes using disposable robotic tips. The assay process is fully automated, adding reagents for incubation and drying the membranes at the end of the assay, before the on-board scanner images the developed membranes for image analysis. The integrated PC is connected to the LIMS and interpretation software for downloading a worklist and uploading the analysed sample results.

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Integral Barcode Reader Yes
Integral Industrial PC Yes
Sample Capacity 1 to 36
Peristaltic Pumps Aspiration and washing
Piston Pump 1ml
Rocking Tilting and levelling
Reagent Addition Up to 4 reagents
Membrane Drying Heater mat for drying membranes prior to scanning
Integrated Scanning Yes
Touch Screen Operator interface

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