Bee Robotics Ltd. - Company Profile

Founded in 1999, Bee Robotics is a privately-owned company based in North Wales that has established a world-wide reputation as a leader in the field of design and manufacture of advanced liquid handling robotic solutions for laboratory automation.

Our two founding directors, Mr Steve Jones and Mr Alwyn Morus have a combined 50 years experience of robotics and electronics in the Biotech industry and founded Bee Robotics having identified a clear requirement for automated instruments for various applications.

Our first innovative instrument, arose from a request to automate a Roche HLA tissue typing test. Previously the tests were manually processed being a time- consuming method and prone to error. The automated instrument freed up technician’s time and having received validation from Roche that the instrument performed satisfactorily we manufactured and supplied over 50 instruments for their UK Distributor for world-wide Distribution during the first year of trading.

Bee Robotics Today

Today Bee Robotics employs 19 staff including a highly skilled core team of electronic, mechanical, robotics and software engineers. We have in-house design, rapid-prototyping, hardware and software development as well as manufacturing facilities. We invest heavily in R&D, as we continue to develop and evolve our products. Our next generation instruments incorporate the latest electronics advances, feature a modular approach to mechanical components for maximum flexibility and future-proofing, and benefit from simple and intuitive user interfaces.

Recent innovations include a patented module in the Micro B Processor that provides all-in-one heating, cooling, agitation and imaging of microarrays in microplates; our innovative thermo-cycler that heats and cools PCR tubes promoting DNA multiplication leading to more accurate tests; and implementation of CAN-Bus for simpler, more reliable electronics.

Bee Robotics is currently involved in the Horizon 2020 Project for research and innovation in Biotech, our new PathoRobot provides DNA extraction for 5ml sample volumes and the PathoDoc providing analysis of a single sample from DNA extraction to multiplexing analysis on a microarray platform and interpretation software. Both Products are currently under development and more details about the project can be see on the FAPIC web site.

We back products with the highest levels of service and support; we support our own instruments in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, making sure that our products are performing to our high standards, and client expectations. Outside of the UK our trained Distributors provides the same high level of support to our international customer base.

Bee Robotics products hold numerous certifications for international markets; MET Approval for the USA & Canada, CFDA in China and GMP in Korea ensuring that our products are ready and suitable for various marker requirements in different countries. The company is also accredited to ISO 13485 2016 for the IVD market.

We have received several awards over the years, including the Venture Wales Export Award 2009 and Daily Post Innovation Award 2009.

Bee Robotics is well positioned to become one of the leading designers and manufacturers of liquid handling robotics solutions, offering bespoke automation for the modern laboratory.

Bee Robotics Ltd. - Company Profile "A leading international company designing and manufacturing advanced liquid handling robotic solutions for the Biotech industry."

Bee Timeline

Bee Blot™1999
Semi-automation for up to 50 samples

Baby Bee™2003
Semi-automation for strip based assays in smaller laboratories

Automated scanning of strip based assays

Semi-automation for up to 20 samples

Micro B™2010
Semi-automated microarray processor

Micro B Processor™2013
Fully-automated microarray processor

Full automation for allergy analysis

Full automation for western blot and hybridisation strips

DNA extraction, designed as part of the Horizon 2020 Project

DNA analysis, designed as part of the Horizon 2020 Project

Contract Manufacturing2019
Expanded our quality system to include Contract Manufacturing

Started selling and supporting the TAS (Temperature Acquisition System) for existing and new clients for PCR instrument calibration to UK National and UKAS standards.

Micro B System™2021
Embarked on the development of a twin arm instrument called the micro b System for processing sample from sample tubes to microplates.

Development Continues2023
Further developing the micro b System for ELISA and Chemiluminescence applications


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