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Bee Robotics working with MEDIWISS Analytic GmBh

April 25th 2013

MEDIWISS Analytic GmbH has been developing, manufacturing and selling their medical products since the foundation in 1999 in Moers, Germany. Their experience in allergologic in vitro diagnostics, developments and technologies has transformed them into a worldwide company that plays an important role in allergy screening diagnostics.

MEDIWISS has been a client of Bee since 2004, utilising the BeeBlot to provide semi-automation for their allergy kits, with instruments being placed worldwide.

Recently MEDIWISS identified a need to offer more automation for their clients, and entered into a collaboration with Bee, to provide an instrument offering automation from serum sample to image capture of the developed membrane, for interpretation by third party software with minimal operator intervention.

Bee was able to draw on their expertise in the following areas to develop a bespoke instrument for MEDIWISS, enabling them to offer their clients, full automation, with very little operator intervention.

Processing of serum samples

Bee developed a carousel to hold the samples, allowing the rotation of samples for barcode reading, from an integrated barcode reader. A custom made collet was also developed to hold different size tubes, centrally in the carousel, for aiding the aspiration and detection of the sample.

Liquid level detection

With the development of pressure level sensing, the need for expensive conductive tips was eliminated.

Barcode reading for both sample and membranes

An integrated barcode reader, ensured that we could identify the right sample, for dispensing to the appropriate test membrane. An integrated scanner was also used to scan the membranes prior to stating the assay, ensuring correct sample addition and correct conjugate addition, when utilising more than one Conjugate during the assay process.

Integrated PC, for work-list downloading and uploading from a Laboratory Information System

An industrial integrated PC was fitted for image storage, and communication with LIMS via USB.

Reagent addition, with multiple Conjugate addition

It was decided to use a combination of peristaltic pumps and piston pumps, for the addition of reagents. This offered minimal waste, by not having to prime the reagents through long lengths of tubing.

Washing and incubation of membranes

One of the most important aspects here was to ensure that each sample had the same amount of incubation, regardless of the number of samples being processed. A special software was developed to ensure this took place, where each membrane had its own individual timer, controlled by software.

Integrated scanner for image capture for interpretation by third party interpretation software

An integrated scanner, attached to a moving arm, ensured that the membranes could automatically be imaged at the end of the assay, without any operator intervention. In the past, one of the main inconvenience of the strip based assays, was having to manually remove them from the tray, and either interpreting by eye, or via another separate scanner system.

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RoboScreen - detail view

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