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TAS System™Flexible system for temperature performance analysis


Many protocols in life science laboratories require the incubation of samples at specific temperatures. The outcome of these protocols can be dramatically influenced by the accuracy and the uniformity of the incubation temperature between samples during the execution of the protocol. The results of such experiments form the basis of most life science research publications. It is therefore essential that equipment used for the incubation is performing correctly and creating conditions that researchers can reproduce throughout the world.

From an equipment perspective, probably the most demanding temperature dependent reaction in the life sciences is the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).  It requires rapid change in temperature, typically between three set temperatures for approximately 30 cycles a process usually automated by a thermal cycler. For each of these steps the unit must move the samples in the experiment to the next incubation temperature maintaining an even temperature across the samples and delivering them to the next set temperature, accurately, at the same time, with the minimum of overshoot/undershoot. A set temperature can be maintained for as little as 10 seconds and there is therefore minimal time for equilibration of the system before the unit must move the samples to the next set point. This is a considerable task and there is considerable variability in thermal cycler performance between vendors and during the life cycle of an individual unit.

The current era of quantitative biology demands ever more detailed analysis of the relationships between samples in gene expression studies and has profound importance in all aspects of health and disease.

Consequently, it is good practice to verify the correct temperature peformance of the thermal cycler or another incubation instrument. Generally, such analysis is conducted off site by a third party. This has the disadvantage of making the instrument unavailable for use for what can be a considerable time period.

TAS systems are high performance multi-channel temperature acquisition systems, calibrated, and traceable to the international temperature standard ITS90.  Rapid response temperature sensors and flexible probe positioning allow users to monitor the performance of their own machines to troubleshoot applications, transfer protocols between machines and monitor life cycle performance as and when required. TAS empowers users with the knowledge to optimize their incubations, identify poorly performing equipment and eliminate wasted time and reagent use. Procedures are easily implemented to allow laboratories to fully comply with any regulatory and quality system requirements.

We do calibration of the TAS probes to UK National Standards and UKAS upon request.



TAS System™Specifications

Dimensions 125mm x 90mm x 40mm
Measurement range 0°C - 100°C
Number of channels 8, 16, 24, 48, 96 (model dependent)
Probe identification/position Automatic
Response time of temp. sensor Rapid time constant sensor (<0.2s)
Identity of temperature probe Each probe stores its own identity
Sensor calibration interval 12 months
Accreditation CE mark
Operating system Windows 2000, XP, 7, 10

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TAS variable plate
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