RoboBlot™Full Automation for Western Blot and Hybridisation Strips

Our new generation instrument uses our own electronics based on the CANbus system, and Virtual Gearbox for fast and quiet operation of the axis. Each axis has his own microprocessor, which are programmable via USB. Each microprocessor is connected to each other via one small ribbon cable, limiting the wiring, and allowing for ease of maintenance.

  • Complete automation of strip assays, from sample preparation to image capture
  • Walk-away: full automation from sample to scanning
  • Convenience: integrated drying, 48 - 50 strips in one run
  • Safety: barcode identification and LIMS connectivity
  • Flexibility: combination of different assays and conjugate classes
  • Space saving: integrated camera for scanning
  • User friendly: minimal maintenance operations necessary
  • Minimised dead volume to save precious reagents
  • No cross-contamination with disposable tips for sample preparation

Third party interpretation software available upon request.

Please contact us for further information.


Capacity Up to 50 samples per run
Power Universal input 100-240V / 50-60Hz
Sample ID Integrated barcode reader for sample ID
Integrated Indistrial PC Integrated PC for connection to LIMS and Interpretation Software
Piston Pump Volume range 10ul to 2.5ml
Peristaltic Pumps Aspiration and reagent addition
Liquid Level Detection Pressure sensing for sample level detection in sample tubes
Integrated Scanner Integral scanner for image capture of developed strips
Disposable Tips 200ul / 1ml and 5ml disposable tips can be used during the assay
Touch Screen Integrated touch screen used as operator interface

RoboBlot™Product Gallery

Fully automated system for Molecular and Western Blot strip assays
Sample carousel with barcode reading
Room for wash and D.I. water bottles on the deck of the instrument
Disposable tip holder for 1ml and 5ml tips
Maintenance free piston pump
ntegrated scanner for imaging developed strips

RoboBlot™Product Brochure

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