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Robex 12 TM - Processor

DNA extractor

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The Robex 12 offers an automated process for the enrichment of micro-organisms and the isolation of microbial DNA from whole blood and other sterile body fluids.

The microbial DNA can be used for molecular analysis of pathogens causing sepsis, meningitis and other infections The process starts from sample through to elution using a novel patented vacuum based procedure.

The instrument automates from 1 to 12 samples per run using pre prepared reagents in a sealed container and disposable columns and cartridges provided with each kit.

The assay takes place inside a filtered column with individually monitored miniature vacuum pumps passing the reagents through the filter at different stages of the assay until the elution is released and dispensed into an elution tube.

Product advantages:

- 1 to 12 Samples per run
- Vacuum based extraction system
- Reagents supplied in foil sealed troughs ready for use
- Vacuum monitoring software to detect blockages
- Filtered Disposable tips to avoid carry-over
- UV lamp for decontamination of work surfaces
- Simple instrument setup.

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Photo of Robex 12

Robex 12 TM

Specifications Download product datasheet (761Kb)
Instrument type:Stand alone bench top
Processing Capability:1 to 12 Samples per run
Temperature Control:PID under software control
Voltage & Frequency:Electrical power source at 100 to 240 VAC 5A 50/60Hz
Robex 12 TM
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