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OEM Solutions for your Automation Requirements

OEM Solutions for your Automation Requirements

With over 13 years experience in the robotics industry providing a range of liquid handling instruments for different applications, Bee is able to offer development and manufacturing of automated instruments to compliment a wide range of diagnostic kits. With our new generation electronics we can offer fast, quiet mechanics; utilising micro stepping technology with virtual gearboxes, based on the reliable CAN-Bus system.

For liquid handling, we use a range of piston and peristaltic pumps, handling volumes from 3ul to 5ml, depending on the application. Transfer of liquids can be with disposable tips, using a tip picking and ejection mechanism, with an optional pressure level sensing system, eliminating the needs for conductive tips.

We have a range of expertise when it comes to heating, whether using pelters or etched foil heater mats, with cooling being achieved with fans and peltiers.

Scanning and imaging, using CCD sensors, and digital cameras has become an integral part of our instruments, providing the option of imaging the developed sample, for interpretation by third party software.

Whether your automation requirements revolves around Western Blots, Microplates, slides, or other mediums, we look forward to hearing about your requirements, and would be happy to discuss your needs.

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