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micro b TM - Semi-Automated Microarray processor

Semi-Automated instrument for microarray processing.

A compact and practical easy to use microplate processor, which offers advanced heating and cooling to within +/- 1.0 degree centigrade or better per well for standard sciPLEXPLATE 96 from Scienion or compatible microplates.

A special incubator provides shaking and an overhead heater to minimise evaporation for low volumes.

Liquid handling is performed via a micro-stepping controlled 4 channel peristaltic pump, with tip picking and ejection combined with aspirating needles for washing the wells. The microplate is automatically tilted for aspiration to avoid touching the microarray at the bottom of the well during aspiration.

Pre-heating is provided for up to two reagents if required, and positions are available for up to 3 or more reagents on the deck. Also on the deck there is a position for the disposable tips, waste, and tip waste basket.

The operator interface is via an alphanumerical display and control knob at the front of the instrument. The operator can select up to 16 different pre-programmed assays, which can offer very accurate temperature control ranging from 20 degrees centigrade to 65 degrees centigrade.

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micro b TM

Instrument type:Stand alone bench top
Processing Capability:4 to 96 samples per run
Processing Time:Typically under 3 hours for 96 samples
Temperature Control:PID under software control
Processing Volumes:50 uL to 1000 uL
Dispensing Mode & Accuracy:Peristaltic pumps: +0% / -10%
Software:Embedded software
Voltage & Frequency:Electrical power source at 100 to 240 VAC 5A 50/60Hz
Fuses:5A UL Approved – Ø5x20mm
Dimensions:600(H) x 590(D) x 650(W) mm
Weight:50 kg
Consumption value (energy)400 W (max)
Acoustic noise level (dB)~ 60 dB
Electromagnetic emissionsClass A 30 MHz to 1000 MHz
Radiated field immunity10 V/m 80 MHz to 1000 MHz 3V/m 1.4 GHz to 2 GHz 1V/m 2 GHz to 2.7 GHz
micro b TM
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