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B20 TM - Semi Automation for low Throughput Laboratories

Optional heated or non-heated instrument for automating strip based assays to suit your requirements.

Once samples have been added manually, the instrument can run up to 12 different pre-programmed assays, for automating molecular based and Western Blot strip based assays.

The instrument uses reversible peristaltic pumps to dispense reagents to the sample tray, and optionally from the software, the pumps can be reversed to save reagent back into the reagent bottles. The tray for the samples and membrane strips allows for rocking, tilting and level position during incubation. The operator interface is via a keypad and display. Once the samples have been added to the tray the assay is automated, and the developed strips in the tray can be removed for the analysis of the strips by eye, or using Bee's AutoCam 48 to offer automated scanning, and interpretation using third party software.

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Photo of B20 - semi automation for molecular and western blot strips

B20 TM

CapacityUp to 20 strips per run
Dispensing PumpsUp to 6
ProgrammableUp to 12 assays can be programmed and stored
Disposable Trays20 Well disposable trays
Dimensions490mm(w) x 480mm(d) x 500mm(h)

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